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Wireless Technologies

The University of New Mexico Valencia Campus provides computing services to faculty, staff, student, and outside constituents of the university. We have recently upgraded our wireless technology to provide a broader range of wireless service to our customers. In following the guidelines of UNM business computing policies (2500, 2510, and 2520) and Standard on Deployment and Use of Wireless Internet Technologies at the University of New Mexico we have implemented a structured architecture granting constituents access at various levels of access and encryption.

In following UNM Policy the four policy goals are as follows:

  • To provide guidelines that allow deployment of wireless networking technology in ways that minimize the possible impact on others,
  • To limit the potential security risks that may be associated with wireless network technologies, and
  • To establish campus-wide standards for deployment of wireless network technology
  • Assure that all users with proper equipment can access the wireless network and are presented with a uniform interface


We currently have three different levels of access to our Local Area Network (LAN) through wireless connection, Guest Access, Student Access, and Faculty/Staff Access.

Guest is open access with no encryption and allows access to internet resources.

Student access is limited to current students wishing to access internet resources as well as the server that hosts the student folder for limited network storage for classes. Student access is encrypted and restricted and needs a LAN account to authenticate to access the wireless architecture and network resources.

Faculty/Staff Access is secure and encrypted with full access to internet and authenticated LAN resources.

For additional information about wireless network connections UNM Standard on the Deployment and Use of Wireless Internet Technologies provides a comprehensive overview (http://cio.unm.edu/standards/wireless.html)


As described below each level of access has differing requirements but each is subject to the following requirements.


Guest Access:

  • Guest access provides constituents access to internet resources. The Access is open and not secure.
  • Before trying to connect to the Guest halo please make sure your wireless adapter supports 802.11b/g wireless standards. It should be capable of accessing the network at 11Mb.
  • Be sure your wireless adapter is enabled
  • Once you turn on your computer and log in, it should start searching for wireless networks available. Guest should show up in your list of available networks. If not use your wireless software to force a search of available networks.
  • Once your computer finds the Guest SSID click on the Guest SSID and then click on connect. Your computer may indicate accessing network and getting IP information. After a few moments you should be able to access internet resources.


Student Access:

  • Student access is given to current students needing access to internet and Student folder on LAN. This access is encrypted, secure and requires authentication.
  • In order to access this part of the wireless halo please be sure your network adapter supports 802.11b/g standards.
  • You will need to download the following WPA2 Microsoft update to be able to authenticate into the Student halo (KB893357 WI-FI Protected Access 2). There are many 802.11b cards that do not support WPA2. the following URL will assist you in determining if your card supports WPA2 ( https://certifications.wi-fi.org/wbcs_certified_products.php)
  • Students wanting this access should contact Computer Support Services (CSS) for new network user form or go to the following URL ( http://vchelp.unm.edu/downloads/NewVCNetUser.pdf ) and print it out. Complete the form and return it to CSS for processing. Once you have checked the above requirements you will be ready to proceed with the connection to the Student halo.
  •  Once your form has been processed CSS will contact you to set an appointment to assist you in configuring your PC to connect to the Student halo.


Staff / Faculty Access:

  • Call Computer Support Services at 925-8911
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